Company Overview
We are AirenSoft, known as the media technology expert group in Korea. We have developed media services and solutions using media technologies and know-how that we have accumulated over a decade. Currently, we have about one-hundred partnerships in Korea. We will participate in this exhibition with the theme of Open-Source, Ultra-Low Latency, and Streaming. OvenMediaEngine (OME) is Open-Source Ultra-Low Latency Streaming Server using WebRTC or CMAF. And, OvenPlayer is Open-Source HTML5 Standard Player. As you know, browsers support a few codecs. So we made the Origin to Edge architecture in OME. Origin Server ingests media source from the encoder and transcodes it with embedded live transcoder using VP8, H.264, Opus, and AAC. And then the Origin packages the media source and transmit it to the Edge server, and the Edge distributes it to each player. Our product is the all-in-one solution because it provides Ingest, Transcoding, Packaging, Distributing, and Player.