Company Overview
Dynamic Drive Pool shows its NAB 2019 Product of the Year award winner: High Availability ethernet SAN DDP solution. HA DDPs are ideal for MAM, ingest and playout systems. We demonstrate a version with all DDP components and a version with third party components. In addition our range of standalone DDPs with or without SSD caching, all SSD micro and mini DDPs and DDPs in a cluster are on display. DDP are modular and can be filled with SSD and HD packs tuned to your current and future requirements. For example a 24 bay DDP24D equipped with an SSD8 pack and 2 x HD8 spindle packs provides a bandwidth of 2 GB/s and more then 200 TB internal capacity. Such DDP comes with iSCSI with AVFS (Ardis Virtual File System), file based SSD caching, file based load balancing, one file system, SMB, etc.