Company Overview
2wcom is a leading manufacturer, supplier and system integrator of professional audio broadcast equipment. Designed for studio-to-studio, studio-to-transmitter links and the increasing cross-media-tasks all solutions are flexible in application and offer an outstanding transmission robustness (AoIP/SAT/FM/RDS/DAB). Werner Drews (CEO) expresses the company philosophy and passion: “We would like to contribute to the success of our customers by not only providing high-quality, versatile and highly reliable products, but also by offering best possible support and advice. Especially our new 4audio product line is designed for dealing with the upcoming challenges regarding broadcast technologies. Harmonization of old and new transmission technologies is crucial and at the same time no one can ignore the advantages of IP based cross-media network systems. Hence, it is obvious hybrid solutions are mandatory for audio contribution and distribution as well as smart features guaranteeing radio stations monetary added value and coverage.