Company Overview
Intrasonics is the leading global provider of audio watermarking technology for applications in audience research, forensic watermarking (content protection) and synchronised second screen apps. Headquartered in Cambridge, Intrasonics customers include the BBC, Channel 4, SBS in Belgium, Shaw Media in Canada, Antena3 and MTV in Spain as well as production companies including Cineflix Productions in Canada and digital agencies such as Yummi Media in the UK. Intrasonics provides its multi-patented technology to agencies, app developers, broadcasters and TV production companies in the form of a Software Development Kit for app creation and watermark insertion into prerecorded content. Intrasonics also provides Real-Time Encoding hardware for insertion of audio watermarks into live or pre-recorded shows at play-out. These watermarks also work as a technique for Forensic watermarking as they are robust in measuring content popularity, detecting distributor revenue leakage, detecting illegal streaming and detecting illegal usage by subscriber